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Haverford Heritage Trail
Interactive Trail Map

Trail and Options
Red: Main Trail
Purple: Beechwood Option
Brown: Hav. College Option
Green: Steel Road Option
Orange: Narbeth Option

Parks and Fields
A Grange Field
B Powder Mill Valley Park
C Merwood Park
D Normandy Park
E Elwell Field
F Haverford Reserve
G Freedom Playground
H Darby Creek Valley Park
I Merry Place
J Steel Field
K Hilltop Park
L Thompson Nature Park
M Llanerch Park
N Chatham Glen Park
O Veterans Field
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Historic Sites (click on name for info)
1 The Grange Estate
2 Old Manoa Road
3 Powder Mill Valley
4 Gunpowder Magazine (remains)
5 Lawrence Cabin (relocated)
6 Nitre Hall
7 Beechwood Station/Park/Bridge
8 Leedom/Dickinson Mansion
9 Old Haverford Friends Meeting
10 St. Denis Church/Cemetery
11 Mary Kelly Ott House
12 Castle Bith
13 Merion Golf Club
14 Millbrook Farm
15 Whitby Hall
16 Allgates Estate
17 Federal School (1797)
18 The Cooperage
19 Craig Hall
20 Hav. State Hospital Grounds
21 Railroad Bridge Abutments
22 Brookthorpe Station
23 Darby Creek
24 Lawrence Homestead
25 Lawrence Cabin Original Site
26 Leedom Barn
27 Bethesda Methodist Church
28 Thompson Farmhouse
29 Llanerch Country Club
30 Richland and Quarry (site)
31 Llanerch Crossing/Junction
32 The Glen
B1 Cobbs Creek School
H1 Pont Reading
H2 Haverford College
H3 Hav. Friends Meeting/School
N1 Narbeth Estate
N2 Babies' Hospital (site only)
N3 Edward Cook Estate
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