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Haverford Heritage Trail
Site 5: Lawrence Cabin (relocated)

Directions from Previous Site: From the Site 4 vantage point, walkers can cross Karakung Drive and continue on the Karakung Trail up through the woods past the site of the old Finelli house. After that the trail returns alongside Karakung Drive, then re-enters the woods at the far back corner of the clearing and runs along the hillside just above an old mill race up to the cabin. Bicyclists may choose to remain on Karakung Drive to gravel parking lot or further to paved driveway on left. Site is on left side at curving rise in road.
Physical Address: Karakung Drive, Havertown PA
GPS Coordinates: 39.98600, -75.28864
Parking: Small gravel lot below site
Ownership: Haverford Township
Arcadia Book Page: 11, 126-127


Description and History: David Lawrence, one of the early Welsh settlers in Haverford Township, emigrated with his wife Elinor Ellis and her family in 1684, and took up part of his father-in-law's land grant from William Penn. His son Henry Lawrence purchased 209 acres along Darby Creek in 1709. This log house was built on the bank of Darby Creek where Old West Chester Pike is today. Having typical Swedish-style log notching, it may pre-date the 1709 land purchase. A 2 1/2 story stone addition was built about 1730, and later a clapboard summer kitchen was added. The building became known as "The House of Three Generations" and remained in Lawrence family ownership until 1942. When it was threatened by demolition in 1961, the Haverford Township Historical Society and Haverford Township relocated and restored the original log house section in Powder Mill Valley Park. A large fireplace dominates the first floor room, with a ladder leading to the sleeping loft. This original small log house is typical of the first homes of early township settlers. It is the oldest free-standing domestic building in the township. Lawrence Cabin is furnished appropriately for the period before 1750. Today it is used for the annual Colonial Living Experience provided by the historical society and school district for all fifth grade students. The Delaware County Planning Department has determined that Lawrence Cabin is eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.

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