Trail Marker

Haverford Heritage Trail
Site 7: Beechwood Station/Park/Bridge

Directions from Previous Site: Leave Nitre Hall by its straight driveway. Walkers can re-enter the Karakung Trail from the left side of the driveway, while cyclists can continue up the edge of Karakung Drive to the SEPTA Beechwood/Brookline transit station and the Karakung Bridge. NOTE: The Karakung Drive area is very narrow approaching the bridge. Use care.
Physical Address: Karakung Drive and Lakeside Ave.
GPS Coordinates: 39.98690, -75.29149
Parking: On right side of road just above bridge
Ownership: Varies
Arcadia Book Page: 28, 65, 82


Description and History: Stand on the bridge sidewalk facing the station to see the site of the Beechwood Amusement Park from 1907 to just 1909. Built by the Philadelphia and Western Railway to enlarge its ridership, the park covered 20 acres with rides, amusements and a large picnic grove. Today the only remaining structure is the old concrete abutment visible on the hillside beyond the station and to its right. This once supported a wide overhead walkway from the station into Beechwood Amusement Park. If you choose the Beechwood Park Option Trail at this point, the abutment is more accessible after walking though the station’s pedestrian tunnel. NOTE: Choose here to continue on Next Site on Main Trail or take Beechwood Amusement Park Option Trail to Site B1.

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