Trail Marker

Haverford Heritage Trail
Site 15: Whitby Hall

Directions from Previous Site: Proceed back up College Avenue, turn right onto Tunbridge Lane. Look for house, oriented sideways to road, on left where road straightens out and briefly widens.
Physical Address: 131 Tunbridge Road, Haverford PA
GPS Coordinates: 40.00753, -75.31954
Parking: No
Ownership: Private
Arcadia Book Page: No


Description and History: Whitby Hall has an interesting history. It was built for James Coultas, Philadelphia High Sheriff, merchant and ship owner in 1754; however, that was at 48th Street and Florence Avenue in Kingsessing, Philadelphia. His descendants later lived in this house, but due to the changing neighborhood around it, they decided in 1922 to have it moved and re-erected at its present Haverford location! As a side note, the rounded brick gutters on this crescent-shaped section of Tunbridge Circle are the last remnant of the original brick road and gutter system within this neighborhood, part of what is known as the Haverford Development Corporation area.

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