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Haverford Heritage Trail
Site B1: Cobbs Creek School

Directions from Previous Site: (Beechwood Amusement Park Option) From Karakung at Beechwood Bridge (Site 7), go up (walk a bicycle) on station steps, through pedestrian tunnel, up more steps and left along path to bottom of Strathmore Road. Proceed up Strathmore. Loop right through Brookview Lane (into the heart of where Beechwood Amusement Park was located) then turn right back onto Strathmore. Site is on left corner at Earlington Road, set back from Strathmore.
Physical Address: 501 Strathmore Road, Havertown PA
GPS Coordinates: 39.98464, -75.28464
Parking: Along Strathmore Road
Ownership: Private
Arcadia Book Page: 50


Description and History: This house, with the stone retaining wall and sidewalk that once curved around a large tree, was a stucco-over-stone single floor school from 1830 to the 1890s. It was enlarged in 1854 to accommodate growing needs. It also served young congregations in need of a place for worship and church schools. When the building was converted to a residence in 1901, the present chimney and fireplace replaced the original front entrance door and further additions were made subsequently. NOTE: "Go To Next Site" button leads to Site 9.

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