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Haverford Heritage Trail
Site H2: Haverford College

Directions from Previous Site: (Haverford College Option) Make right onto Haverford Road, then immediate left. Continue to County Line Road, then make left onto Cricket Avenue, then right onto Morris Road. Cross Ardmore Avenue at the traffic signal to Elwell Field. Go along outside the right edge of the playground fence, then to the back of the field and through the fence doorway onto the Haverford College campus. Cross Haverford College Nature Walk to parking lot. Go along left side of parking lot and cross Walton Lane onto campus walkway. Proceed straight onto Hall Drive, which bends right to the open square in front of Founders Hall. NOTE: Haverford College is open to visitors from dawn to dusk. Visitors are welcomed, although discouraged on move-in day in the fall and commencement day in the spring due to the activity level on campus on these days.
Physical Address: 370 West Lancaster Avenue
GPS Coordinates: 40.00986, -75.30734
Parking: In rear parking lot off Walton Lane Ownership: Private
Arcadia Book Page: 46


Description and History: The Haverford School Association was formed to establish the first Quaker institution of higher education in America. The first building of “Haverford School” was Founders Hall, built in 1833. An addition in 1905 connected it to the 1853 Gest Hall, which was thereby subsumed. Today Haverford College is a well-known and respected institution. It has the oldest planned college landscape in America, containing a two-mile Nature Walk loop, a highly-regarded arboretum with over 2,500 labeled trees, and a pinetum (a specialized arboretum for pine tree species). It also contains a number of prime examples of historical houses and buildings, as well as a cricket field and pavilion, actively maintaining a sport of long tradition on the campus. The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission has determined that the Haverford College campus is eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places as an historic district.

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