Trail Marker

Haverford Heritage Trail
Site 3: Powder Mill Valley

Directions from Previous Site: Re-cross Manoa Road toward the railway overpass. The monument is halfway down the macadam footpath along the back edge of the mowed corner field.
Physical Address: Karakung Drive and Manoa Road
GPS Coordinates: 39.98116, -75.28327
Parking: On Old Manoa Road
Ownership: Haverford Township
Arcadia Book Page: 12-16, 66


Description and History: The Powder Mill Valley Monument, erected in 1947 by the Haverford Township Historical Society, memorializes the early mill history of this secluded creek valley. Before the advent of steam-driven power, creeks and rivers were an important source of water power and became early industrial sites. Usually a dam was built to create a drop in water height, then some of the captured water was channeled through a “race” to drive a water wheel, which in turn mechanically drove milling, sawing or other early machinery. This area contained a number of mill establishments which were readapted to varying purposes over their existence.

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