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Haverford Heritage Trail
Site 17: Federal School (1797)

Directions from Previous Site: Proceed to end of Allgates Drive, then continue on driveway to small stone school building. The front is on the far side, facing Darby Road as pictured below.
Physical Address: Next to 161 Allgates Dr., Haverford PA
GPS Coordinates: 39.99668, -75.32552
Parking: Small gravel parking lot
Ownership: Haverford Township
Arcadia Book Page: 47


Description and History: The Federal School is a fieldstone one-room school. A 1797 datestone is on the gable end away from the chimney. Haverford Township's first purpose-built school and Delaware County's second, it served as a school until 1872. Originally a subscription school, it became part of Haverford's new school district after Pennsylvania passed an enabling public education law. Later it became known as "Haverford Seminary #1," which is painted on the porch pediment along with "1849," the year the school was given this name and number. It last served as a storage shed on the Allgates Estate. Restoration started during the 1976 Bicenntennial period, and since 1991 the schoolhouse has been used by the historical society and the school district for the "One-Room School Experience," where all fourth graders have an official but old-style school day. Most of the school's furnishings are pieces recreated by Haverford High School industrial arts classes. The Federal School is on the National Register of Historic Places. It is open to the public on a scheduled basis and also by appointment, with a nominal admission charge. Further information can be found at

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