Trail Marker

Haverford Heritage Trail
Site 24: Lawrence Homestead

Directions from Previous Site: At southwest corner of Lawrence Road and the end of Darby Creek Road, behind wood fence.
Physical Address: 1901 Lawrence Road, Havertown PA
GPS Coordinates: 39.97903, -75.33421
Parking: No
Ownership: Private
Arcadia Book Page: 11


Description and History: There are several historic sites associated with the Lawrence name. The Lawrence Cabin (Site 5) was relocated from its original location (Site 25) so that it could be preserved. This Site 24 is the Lawrence Homestead. (Yet another old Lawrence family house, named Flintlock, is not along the Heritage Trail and is located further up Lawrence Road.) The one-story log section of the Lawrence Homestead, now covered with white clapboard (in lower right of above image), dates back as early as 1690. David Lawrence and his wife Elinor Ellis were Welsh Quakers who came to North America in 1684 and settled in Haverford. Their son Henry Lawrence purchased 209 acres of land along Darby Creek in 1709, and all three of these early Lawrence houses were located on this tract. The land remained in family hands until the 1940s. During this period, the larger part of this house was added in two pieces, in about 1720 and 1823.

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